Voga White - Living room

Living room set in vanguard style. The combination of white colour and classic ornaments is intended for people with classical taste. Pure comfort and classic style are the hallmarks of this model. 

The set includes: Single-door closet, dresser with mirror, TV table. 

Voga White - Single-door vitrine
H:1986mm W:500mm D:444mm
449 ₾ 561 ₾
Voga White - TV table
H:596mm W:1648mm D:468mm
437 ₾ 546 ₾
Voga White - Dresser with mirror
H:1752mm W:1848mm D:468mm
1066 ₾ 1332 ₾
2,400 3,000
20 Sale
White Bute
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