New Vintage - Living room

Living room set in loft style for a modern interior. The contrast of the metal and wooden texture of the dark shade with addition of trending leather handles. Besides the fact that the model is comfortable and practical, it gives the interior a character and unique style.

The set includes: TV, shelf, table with chairs, chest of drawers, bookshelf.

New Vintage - Chest of drawers
H:790mm W:1730mm D:455mm
541 ₾ 676 ₾
New Vintage - Table and Chairs
L:1600mm H:900mm W:
1179 ₾ 1474 ₾
New Vintage - TV table and Shelf
H:515mm W:1925mm D:400mm
654 ₾ 818 ₾
2,374 2,968
20 Sale