Use of Personal Information

In terms of unauthorized access to personal information, uses security methods with which the company provides protection of the personal information of the customer. This includes the information that “Embawood” obtains while giving a service, which, in accordance with the Georgian law, is later also used for marketing purposes. The goal of the notice is for Embawood to provide the customers with information on processing of personal information, work principles of the company and legal protection mechanisms of the customer.

Protection of Personal Data Confidentiality

“Embawood” team cares for security and protection of the personal data of the customer. The data will not be used lawlessly. 


Similar to the protection of personal data confidentiality, this data is also protected under the law of Georgia on personal data protection.

According to the law, the customer has the right to request information on processing of the data. This information includs:

Which information about the customer is being processed;

The goal of data processing;

Legal basis of data processing;

Ways of data collecting;

To whom was data given;

Basis and goal of giving data.

“Embawood” will be obligated to give this data to the customer in case of request. The company has the right to use personal data only if there are a specific agreement and/or a legislative basis.

“Embawood” has a legal basis to use the information of the customer, which means the existence of business and/or commercial goal. It is important that in this case, processing of the information by “Embawood” is not aimed to damage the interests of the customer.

Personal information is being used

to interact with a customer;

to satisfy the demands of the customer and create new ways for cooperation;

To create and implement effective marketing activities;

To study how the customers use our products and services;

To receive advice and recommendations regarding the products and services;

To deliver our products and services;

To carry out and manage payments of the customers;

To identify financial crime, for reports and prevention;

To manage risks;

To react to complaints and find ways to solve them;

To implement rights and obligations;

Sharing Personal Data

The company reserves the right to share personal data of the customer with legal entities in strictly determined cases by the law, for performing work obligations, including for establishing, investigating and preventing a crime.  

If the customer does not want to give his/her personal information, it could hinder or make it impossible to carry out obligations by the company for the customer, including using the account and receiving the relevant service.

Sharing Information during the Business Transfer

Sharing the personal data of the customer can happen after a company reorganization and/or a merger. In this case, the legal successor of the company is granted with full information including the personal identification information of the customer. Despite of this, the mentioned information protection policy will be in force for the personal identification information of the customer without any limitation.

Information Security

Personal identification information of the customer is accessible on the webpage of the company only with the password and the E-mail of the customer. This password is encrypted. Additionally, your personal identification information is kept on the secure server, which is only accessible by the appropriate personnel and contractors. Entering the personal credit card details while making a purchase, the data is inaccessible for the company and it is not kept by the company. Credit card is in the control of the partner bank.

Duration of Personal Data Protection

Personal data of the customer is kept during the whole period of service;


The company can use the personal data of the customer to introduce specific products and offers. “Embawood” only has access to the data that is shared by the customer.

The data obtained by “Embawood” will never be used to damage the interests of the customer.

The customer has the right to demand to stop sending the marketing messages. After this demand, the company stops using the personal data for marketing.

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