A furniture store chain “Embawood” was established in Georgian market in 2007 and has been offering a high quality furniture to Georgian customers for 14 years. The company is represented by 24 stores throughout Georgia.

2019 – 2020 proved to be momentous in terms of changes. Industrial re-equipment, improvement of devices were successfully carried out in the company. The process was led by the consulting group invited from Germany, they adopted new standards for raw material processing and production. The improvement of production provide us with the opportunity to create high-quality products in compliance with the European standards. 

According to new standards, requirements for supplier companies were modified and all the materials are now pre-tested for hazardous substances, strength and endurance. Accordingly, the furniture manufactured is environmentally friendly and long-term.

The purpose of “Embawood” is to offer the customer oriented furniture, which is practical and of high quality and allows them to design a cozy and special environment. 

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