Terra - Bedroom

Bedroom set in modern style. The light, cold-coloured concrete texture combined with the contrasting light shade of wood make the model an outstanding example of modern design. The closets are practical and spacious. Ideal for those who appreciate modern design and minimalism.

The set includes: Bed with orthopaedic mechanism, 2 bedside tables, commode with mirror, commode, five-door wardrobe with corner.

Terra - Bed
L:2040mm H:1000mm W:1642mm
794 ₾
Terra - Commode with mirror
H:1612mm W:800mm D:420mm
505 ₾
Terra - A three-door closet with a corner
H:2130mm W:2250mm D:600/900mm
2380 ₾
Terra - Four-door closet
H:2130mm W:1800mm D:600mm
1734 ₾
Terra - A five-door closet with a corner
H:2130mm W:3150mm D:600/900mm
3215 ₾
Terra - A four-door closet and a console-mirror
H:2130mm W:2418mm D:600mm
2372 ₾
Terra - Bedside Table
H:390mm W:500mm D:400mm
184 ₾
Terra - Chest Of Drawers
H:1187mm W:566mm D:474mm
544 ₾
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Gold Craft Oak
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