Senyora - Bedroom

Bedroom set in classic style. Distinguished by femininity and tenderness, this design adds a touch of warmth and coziness to the interior, while metal handles and squared mirrors imitate a light touch of modern design. Designed for all ages. The model has both a double and a single module. 

The set includes: Bed with orthopaedic mechanism, 2 bedside tables, Six-door closet, commode, console-mirror. 

Senyora - Bed
L:2083mm H:1136mm W:1676mm
592 ₾
Senyora - Bedside Table
H:500mm W:394mm D:420mm
125 ₾
Senyora - Console-mirror
H:1510mm W:892mm D:462mm
338 ₾
Senyora - Chest Of Drawers
H:794mm W:892mm D:450mm
262 ₾
Senyora - Six-door closet
H:2100mm W:2400mm D:514mm
1746 ₾
Senyora - Four-door closet
H:2100mm W:1600mm D:514mm
1076 ₾
Senyora - A Single Bed
L:2083mm H:1083mm W:976mm
406 ₾
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Available Options