Bedroom set in modern style. With its impeccable design, the dark grey-resolved model will suit people of all tastes. Sophisticated lines and cut-out handles associate it with the modern design and add a unique touch to the interior. 

The set includes: Bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside table.

Garda - Bed 1600
L:2138mm H:934mm W:1674mm
606 ₾
Garda - Bed 1400
L:2138mm H:934mm W:1474mm
639 ₾
Garda - Bed 900
L:2138mm H:934mm W:974mm
460 ₾
Garda - Three-door closet
H:2146mm W:1466mm D:524mm
1013 ₾
Garda - Four-door closet
H:2146mm W:1900mm D:524mm
1247 ₾
Garda - Dresser with mirror
H:1070mm W:800mm D:400mm
647 ₾
Garda - Bedside Table
H:450mm W:608mm D:400mm
200 ₾
Grey Clubhouse
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Brown Bodega
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