Lotos - Bedroom

Bedroom set in an unusual design. Visualized under dark wood and with marble details. For bed and bedside table are used black metallic visual feet to ensure endurance and quality of the model while the handles are distinct in peculiar design.

The set includes: Bed with orthopaedic mechanism, 2 bedside tables, chest of drawers, mirror, four-door wardrobe. 

Lotos Bed
L:2046mm H:1100mm W:1646mm
826 ₾
Lotos - Bedside Table
H:416mm W:500mm D:390mm
156 ₾
Lotos - Commode with mirror
H:968mm W:1200mm D:450mm
763 ₾
Lotos - Single-door closet
H:2100mm W:450mm D:600mm
421 ₾
Lotos - Two-door closet
H:2100mm W:900mm D:600mm
779 ₾
Lotos - Three-door closet
H:2100mm W:1350mm D:600mm
1099 ₾
Lotos - Four-door closet
H:2100mm W:1800mm D:600mm
1457 ₾
Lotos - Five-door closet
L:2250mm H:2100mm W:600mm
1878 ₾
Lotos - Six-door closet
H:2100mm W:2700mm D:600mm
2299 ₾
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Available Options