Renew your house with modern furniture – 2022 Trends

24 Dec 2020

2021 has revealed that contemporary design trends are becoming more relevant, and the traditional design we've seen over the years, is getting less fashionable and giving way to special and unique design.

The style of 2020, which means light kitchens, accent walls and light colours, is still relevant and is turning into a kind of basis for 2021 trends.

Layered patterns

Layering patterns has turned into an evolving trend in recent years. But in 2022 we are expecting the boldest application of layers in the interior. The key of this trend is intense colour dispersion in space.

When working on colours, you can easily and boldly mix colour samples. For example, an accentuated brick wall with coloured paintings and a coloured sofa might seem too much at first, but this is exactly the trend that designers will actively use in 2022. You can also use the patterns such as mixing geometric shapes and delicate floral prints.

Natural wealth

In addition to sustainability and practicality, the 2022 design focuses on natural fabrics, which is luxurious and striking. Marble textures are actively revolved, and we often see this texture in bedroom elements, on coffee tables and kitchen furniture.


The remarkable style of "Embawood" in 2022 is the intense use of metal. The white gold, silver and black metal texture materials become a characteristic stroke for different sets © 2022 All rights reserved.