Product Return Rule and Exceptions:

If there is a desire to return the product, please contact the information center of “Embawood” in advance and notify them on the return of the product;

In order to initiate the process, it is required to notify the company with the identification data of a product, date of an order and the reason of the return (it may be required to upload and send the photos of the product and payment document to the e-mail address of “Embawood”: 

Change of furniture, furniture parts or return of its payment will happen in the following cases:

Change or return of the payment will happen if furniture is not installed in the house of the customer during 14 days, its trademark design and consumer properties are maintained, packaging of the furniture is not broken, the receipt and other documents are kept;

If the same mismatch occurred more than 3 times (also the customer has not used the right of repair), the change of the specific part can be done based on the conclusion of the master-expert;

At the end of the maximum time limit for repair, if the master-expert decides that it is impossible to repair the furniture;

“Embawood” reserves the right to doubt its validity and accordingly, stop the return procedure of the product before carrying out research and diagnostic works, which can last no more than 10 business days. Based on the research and diagnostic results, the company is entitled to continue or stop the returning procedure of the product(s). If there is any change in the product and parts/documents of the product, the company is entitled to continue or stop the returning procedure of the product(s).

In accordance with these rules, the product can be returned if it has a manufacturing defect, which is not possible to resolve at the location; © 2022 All rights reserved.