Espero - Living room

Living room set in classic style. Dark wooden texture and classic ornaments give the model a special elegance. Wooden-textured feet and handles create more coziness and domesticity. Closets are practical and spacious. Ideal for a classic interior. 

The set includes:  TV stand, dresser with mirror, two-door vitrine, table

Espero - Dresser with mirror
H:868mm W:1832mm D:442mm
1023 ₾
Espero - Two-door vitrine
H:1958mm W:928mm D:442mm
581 ₾
Espero - Living Room Wall
H:1828mm W:2232mm D:442mm
915 ₾
Espero - Table
L:2000mm H:750mm W:900mm
723 ₾
Espero - TV table
H:484mm W:1132mm D:442mm
402 ₾
Barley Blackwood
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