Statu - Living room

Living room set in classic style. The wenge model  with classical ornamentation creates a timeless style and elegancy in the interior. The gold squared handles give the model more richness and elegance.

Includes: Two-door vitrine, single-door vitrine, dessau, TV stand, table.

Statu - Dresser with mirror
H:1772mm W:1664mm D:512mm
1285 ₾
Statu - Table
L:1400mm H:900mm W:780mm
337 ₾
Statu - TV table
H:530mm W:1556mm D:512mm
466 ₾
Statu - Single-door vitrine
H:1984mm W:610mm D:448mm
883 ₾
Statu - Two-door vitrine
H:1984mm W:1060mm D:448mm
1237 ₾
Kampala Wenge
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