A modern style children's bedroom. A loft style model where the grey and dark coloured wood texture are harmoniously integrated. The black coloured metal handles and feet approximate it to the modern style. Custom shapes, comfortability and practicality are the hallmarks of this model. 

This set includes: Closet, bookcase, chest of drawers, computer table, pendant shelf, single bed, bedside table.

London - Children's bed
L:2060mm H:1200mm W:950mm
658 ₾
London - Children's Bedside Table
H:438mm W:486mm D:466mm
299 ₾
London - Children's chest of drawers
H:860mm W:938mm D:449mm
618 ₾
London - Children's closet
H:2014mm W:1386mm D:597mm
1323 ₾
London - Children's Bookcase
H:1748mm W:936mm D:449mm
642 ₾
London - Computer table with pendant shelf
H:950mm W:1236mm D:643mm
840 ₾
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