Tiffany - Bedroom

Bedroom set in classic style. A white, subtle and delicate texture with classic details will add a touch of elegance to your interior. The closets are practical and spacious, it includes hangers, shelves and drawers. Ideal for those who prefer classic, timeless design. 

The set includes: Bed, chest of drawers, mirror, three-door closet, 2 bedside tables.

Tiffany - Bed
L:2053mm H:910mm W:1672mm
787 ₾
Tiffany - Bedside Table
H:466mm W:490mm D:464mm
265 ₾
Tiffany - Chest Of Drawers
H:890mm W:940mm D:464mm
707 ₾
Tiffany - Mirror
H:660mm W:940mm D:464mm
249 ₾
Tiffany - Three-door closet
H:2123mm W:1350мм D:641mm
2032 ₾
Tiffany - Four-door closet
H:2123mm W:2092mm D:641mm
2361 ₾
Oregon pine
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