Greystone - Living room

A set of living room furniture. High quality wooden board in grey color with cold hues and metal, black, square-shaped legs are used for its production. Spacious and ergonomic furniture perfectly matches with the contemporary style interior.


Greystone - Dresser with mirror
H:820mm W:1846mm D:467mm
1177 ₾
Greystone - Two-door vitrine
H:1820mm W:800mm D:445mm
931 ₾
Greystone - Single-door vitrine
H:1890mm W:400mm D:445mm
583 ₾
Greystone - TV table
H:490mm W:1654mm D:467mm
642 ₾
Greystone - Table
L:1600mm H:900mm W:760mm
588 ₾
Grey Clubhouse Oak, K079
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