Terra - Living room

Living room set in modern style. A contrast blend of light, cold concrete and warm wood make the model an outstanding example of modern design. The closets are spacious and practical. Ideal for those who appreciate modern design and minimalism. 

Includes: Vitrine, chest of drawers, mirrors, TV table, small vitrine, shelf, table with mechanism

Terra - Dresser with mirror
H:846mm W:1466mm D:460mm
902 ₾
Terra - Small hanging vitrine
H:750mm W:700mm D:300mm
296 ₾
Terra - Table with mechanism
L:1600mm H:890mm W:766mm
569 ₾
Terra - TV table
H:500mm W:1540mm D:440mm
464 ₾
Terra - Single-door vitrine
H:2000mm W:500mm D:440mm
999 ₾
Terra - Shelf
H:282mm W:800mm D:300mm
54 ₾
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Gold Craft Oak
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