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"Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) on the Embawood Georgia website

A 2-year warranty is available with any purchase.

In what cases is the warranty service used?

Warranty service can be used if:

1. The lack of details from the package was determined or a damaged detail was removed;

2. A manufacturing defect was detected during the warranty period.

In what case is the warranty service not used?

It is not possible to use the warranty service if:

1. Do not use the delivery service of "Embawood" company, because damage to the furniture or loss of details, which may occur when the furniture is delivered independently, is not compensated by the warranty service.
2. When buying furniture, do not use the assembly services of the "Embawood" company, because the assembly of furniture requires special professionalism and experience. We do not recommend assembling furniture, repairing it, replacing accessories on your own, or using the services of installers who have not passed the qualification of the company, in such a case, the warranty does not apply to the furniture.
3. At the end of the assembly, carefully check the furniture, because mechanical damage discovered after delivery is not taken into account as a basis for their elimination under warranty.
4. Lighting systems used in furniture are accepted after inspection. Electronic systems are not guaranteed.

Can I make the furniture of my choice according to the color, design and size?

The production of "Embawood" company is serial and does not take into account individual orders.
As an exception, on the basis of a special order, it is possible to change the fabric only for soft furniture. The fabric can be selected from the "Embawood" catalog.

How many days after purchase is the service?

The service period is 2 days. On the second day after purchase, the furniture is delivered to the address, and on the third day, it is assembled. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the delivery period may be extended, which the operator will inform you about.

Is there a delivery charge?

Delivery price is determined by location. Services in the territory of the city where the Embawood branch is located are completely free, and paid outside. Delivery and assembly fee outside the city is 3 GEL per 1 km.

Where are your products manufactured?

We produce furniture in Georgia.

What material is the furniture made of?

When making furniture, it is used:
Melamine DSP DSP
- Melamined MDF

Which banks do you have installments with?

Partner banks are: TBC Bank, Bank of Georgia, Credo and Crystal

Which banks have 0% installments?

TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia provide installments with 0% installments of 12 m

What are the conditions for installments?

The details of the installments are individual, so to get detailed information, it would be better if you visit our branch and find out on the spot during an interview with a bank employee.

If you want more information, please contact us at: 0 32 2 400 001