Warranty Service

Warranty service refers to the conditions stipulated by the Law of Georgia “On Protection of Consumer Rights” and issued by the company “Embawood”.

In case of damage to the goods delivered by “Embawood” to the customer’s address, in order to receive warranty service, the customer must contact the company “Embawood”. The company will provide such services free of charge.

If the customer does not meet the service team at the time of delivery, re-delivery will be charged. The tariff will be calculated based on the customer’s address.


The customer has the right to request a reduction in the price of the goods or to refuse the contract if one of the following conditions exists:

  1. a) Goods cannot be repaired or replaced.
  2. b) The company did not repair or replace the goods within a reasonable time.
  3. c) Repair or replacement of furniture by the company will cause significant disruption to the customer.


The customer has no right to refuse the contract if the defect of the goods is insignificant.

The warranty period starts from the day the furniture is delivered to the specified address and lasts for 24 months.


The installation of the furniture delivered to the client can last up to 60 days, according to his/her wish. Keep the appearance and consumer properties of prefabricated furniture, do not open the packaging. If the assembly period exceeds 60 days, the assembly costs are paid by the customer, EMBAWOOD company is not responsible for any discrepancies that occur during assembly (except for installation errors).

The time spent in furniture repair is not included in the warranty period, this time is added to the warranty period. The repair period is a maximum of 30 days.

  During the warranty period, the company EMBAWOOD pays for production errors (based on the report of the company’s master-expert), replacement furniture, furniture parts, service cost or other expenses.

Replacement of furniture, furniture elements or refund of its value will be done in the following cases

  • Within 14 days after purchasing the furniture, the full price will be returned if the furniture is not delivered. If the furniture is delivered and assembled and the customer chooses to return the furniture, the company “Embawood Georgia” will calculate the costs incurred for this order, which must be paid by the customers themselves.
  • The replacement or refund will be made if the furniture is not assembled, i.e., it has not been used for 14 days at the customer’s home, its merchandise appearance and consumer properties are preserved, the packaging of the furniture is not damaged, the receipt and other documents are kept, although the costs for moving the furniture will be paid by the buyer.
  • If the same non-conformity is repeated more than 3 times (at the same time, the customer has not exercised the right to repair), the replacement of the given element can be done based on the conclusion of the master-expert.
  • Upon expiry of the maximum period for repair, if the master-expert decides that the furniture cannot be repaired, only then will the value be returned or exchanged for another item.


Warranty service is not performed / canceled if

The warranty period has expired

No warranty card is presented

The data in the warranty card has been changed, deleted, altered

Furniture has visual or mechanical damage/defect

The furniture was used for a purpose(s) inappropriate to its intended purpose

The rules of storage and use of furniture by the manufacturer have been violated

The damage is caused by wetting of the furniture mechanism, corrosion, exposure to high temperature, violation of operation and storage rules/conditions

As a result of unqualified repair/installation works carried out by an incompetent person

Warranty service does not apply to:

The warranty terms come into effect from the moment of sale of the product


If the delivery and assembly is not carried out by the delivery and assembly service of the EMBAWOOD company, the warranty on the product becomes invalid.


Self-assembly of furniture by the client can be dangerous for the health and life of people around.


Lighting systems used in furniture are accepted after inspection. Electronic systems are not covered by guarantee

Within 5-6 months of using the upholstered furniture, voids may develop in the upholstery fabric due to the shrinkage of the sponge used to fill it, but if this can be corrected with a light hand movement it should not be considered inappropriate.

Free warranty repair is not carried out in the following cases if

  • The warranty period has expired.

    Delivery and assembly is not done by EMBAWOOD delivery and assembly service.

    The rules of proper use and cleaning of furniture were violated.

    The customer made structural changes to the furniture.

    Furniture parts and mechanisms are overloaded.

               The customer intentionally or unintentionally damaged the furniture.

                A pet damaged the furniture.