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Use of personal information

In connection with unauthorized access to personal data, www.embawood.ge uses protection mechanisms through which the company provides protection for customer’s personal data. The latter includes the information that Embawood obtains during the service period, which is also subsequently used for direct marketing purposes in accordance with the Legislation of Georgia. The purpose of the notification is to provide information to customers  by “Embawood” in connection with the principles of the company’s operation and the legal protection mechanisms of customers while the processing of personal information.

Use of the Services and Products on the Website is not intended for persons under 18  pursuant  to our policy,  so if you are not an adult, you do not have access to our Services and Products before reaching adulthood.

Personal information is used

  • How customers use our products and services;
  • for customer relations;
  • to meet the needs of customers and develop new ways of cooperation;
  • to develop and implement effective marketing activities;
  • to explore how consumers use our products and services;
  • for advice or recommendations on products and services;
  • to deliver our products and services;
  • to make and manage customer payments;
  • for revelation of financial crime, reporting and prevention;
  • risk management;
  • respond to complaints and find ways to resolve them;
  • to fulfill the rights and obligations assumed.


Sharing personal data

The Company reserves the right, in cases strictly defined by the law, on the basis of a court decision, to transfer access to  customer’s personal data to the law enforcement agencies  for the exercise of official powers, including the detection, investigation and prevention of crime.

If a customer does not wish to disclose personal information, the company may be delayed or unable to fulfill its obligations assumed to a customer, including the use of the account or the provision of appropriate services.




Will we transfer your information to a third party?

We do not sell, alienate or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personal identification information. This does not imply trusted third party that assists us to conduct our activities on websites, carry out delivery service to a customer or other activities related to our website, until such time as the mentioned parties agree with confidentiality of the information.

We may also disclose information about you based on the Georgian law or our site policy. We may also provide information for the protection of our property, security or rights. Also, we may use non-personal information collected on our site to advertise or promote other similar activities.

Cookies and their application

We may also use cookies. A cookie is a short text file stored on your hard drive by the web page you visited. The text file contains the information and, among other purposes, is used by a visitor to ensure the use of the relevant website.

The information obtained and stored through a cookie file may be compared with the personal data obtained and stored in our system.

Cookies help us to remember a customer. When you enter a web page it is activated, and when you leave it, it is automatically deactivated. You can not allow cookies on your computer, but in this case you will not be able to visit all the pages of our website.

Order online / sell and pay online.

Open the product you want to buy. If you have a choice of colors or other filters, select the desired product and click the button  “Add to basket”. The desired product is already placed in the basket and  value of a product placed will be displayed (total amount of products placed in the basket). Click the “continue purchase button”. You are already in the first stage of placing an order. You must fill in payment details and registration form here. If you are pre-registered on our website, then filling in payment details is sufficient.

Remark: Online ordering on the website is possible for registered customers.

And all required fields must be filled.

After filling in all the fields and getting acquainted with the confidentiality policy, click the button “continue Online”. You will be taken to a secure TBC Bank website where you can pay: by any bank card.

Online order delivery

Online ordering service can be used temporarily only in Rustavi, Marneuli and Tbilisi.

Delivery takes 2-5 working days if the product is in stock, and in the absence of stock the product will be delivered to maximum 2-4 weeks later.



Order delivery policy

Delivery throughout Georgia

“Delivery of furniture” means the transfer of furniture after the order to an address specified by a customer (loading, moving, unloading, delivery to the address). Delivery of furniture to an address is considered as a free service provided by the company that has the necessary equipment, vehicles and staff. It is recommended to use this service when buying furniture, because damage to the furniture or any loss of the package, details, which may occur when the furniture is delivered independently, will not be reimbursed by the warranty service.


Delivery time of a product purchased from the store

Orders are delivered throughout Georgia within 2-5 working days.



Delivery is free to the areas where the Embawwood branch is located and  beyond such areas it is priced. The cost of delivery and assembly outside the city is 3 GEL per kilometer.

In order to receive the order smoothly, it is necessary to fill in the required information correctly and completely during registration.

Please note that in case of incomplete address, the parcel will be delayed in the warehouse and will not be sent until you have provided the correct information. In this case, we will send you an e-mail to the specified e-mail or contact you at the contact number specified by you.

Assembling furniture

When assembling furniture, it is recommended to use the services of relevant trained personnel, who have the necessary equipment, tools and apparatus and act in accordance with the instructions for “delivery and assembly of furniture”, as assembling furniture requires special professionalism and experience. In this case, our company is responsible for the quality of the assembled furniture. We do not recommend assembling, repairing furniture, modifying accessories independently or using the services of an installer who has not been qualified by the company, in which case the furniture warranty does not apply.


Getting furniture

Carefully inspect the furniture after finishing the assembly. Pay attention to the operation of the lighting system, drawers and movable mechanisms. Observe the correct adjustment of the doors, mechanical damages (scratches, cracks, significant color differences). It should be noted that mechanical damage found after the delivery of furniture is not taken into account as a basis for their elimination under warranty. Such discrepancies will be eliminated by price. Minor discrepancies that are located in the invisible parts of the furniture and do not affect the appearance of the furniture are considered permissible. Exchange and / or dismantling of furniture at the request of  a customer will be paid.


Warranty conditions

  • The warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the furniture to the specified address and lasts for 24 months. The warranty is issued for all models of furniture, including all its parts.
  • Installation of furniture delivered to a client’s address can be extended up to 60 days, depending on his/her desire. Maintain the commodity type look and consumer properties of prefabricated furniture, do not open the packaging. If the assembly period exceeds 60 days, the assembly costs are paid by a client, the company “Embawood” is not liable for any inconsistencies that arise during the assembly (except for the installation error).
  • Furniture repair time is not included in the warranty period, this time is added to the warranty period. The repair period is a maximum of 30 days.
  • “Embawood” pays for production errors (based on the conclusion of a master-expert), replacement of furniture, furniture parts, service cost or other costs during the warranty period.


Free warranty repairs are not carried out in the following cases:

  • Expiration of furniture warranty period.
  • Delivery and assembly is not done by the company “Embawood” delivery and assembly service.
  • Violation of “rules for proper use and cleaning of furniture”.
  • Furniture repairs are carried out by a person not designated by the company “Embawood”.
  • When making structural changes to the furniture on the part of a customer.
  • When overloading furniture parts and mechanisms.
  • Intentionally or unintentionally causing damage by a customer.
  • appearance of defects (scratches, crevices, broken places, etc.) as a result of improper operation.
  • Injuries to furniture caused by pets.
  • If the furniture fell while hanging independently by a client even though a client knew that the wall construction could not withstand the weight of the hanging kitchen furniture, shelves, cabinets (the delivery notes must contain the markings of the master).
  • Damage to furniture as a result of natural disasters (floods, fires, accidents).


Return Policy

Product return rule and exceptions:

If you want to return a product, please contact the Embawood Information Center in advance and inform about the return of the product;

To initiate the process, you need to inform the company about the identifiable data of the returned product, the order date, the date of receiving the order and the reason for return (it may be necessary to upload a photo of the product and proof of payment and send it to Embawood email: sales@embawood.ge)

Furniture, furniture items or its value will be refunded in the following cases:

Replacement or refund will be made if the furniture is not assembled in the customer’s home within 14 days, its commodity appearance and consumer properties are preserved, the furniture packaging is not violated, the cash register receipt and other documents are stored;

If the same discrepancy is repeated more than 3 times (the customer does not have the right to repair it), the given item can be replaced based on the conclusion of the master-expert;

At the expiration of the maximum period set for the repair, if the master-expert decides that the furniture cannot be repaired;

“Embawood” reserves the right to question its authenticity and, consequently, to suspend the product return procedure pending examination and diagnostic work, which may take no more than 10 working days. Based on the results of the investigation and diagnosis, the Company is authorized to continue or terminate the product(s) return procedure. If the product and the accompanying parts / documents of the product show any changes, the company is entitled to continue or terminate the product (s) return procedure.

Product return under these rules is possible if the product has a factory defect that cannot be resolved at place;


The company can use a customer’s personal data to identify specific products and offers. “Embawood” only has access to the data that a customer shares.

Using the data obtained by “Embawood” will never be to the detriment of the interests of a customer.

A customer has the right to stop sending requesting marketing messages. Upon such request, the company ceases to use personal data for marketing purposes.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the following communication channels:

Address: st. Tbilisi, Marneuli Street 37

Tel.: +995 (032) 2 400 001

e-mail: sales@embawood.ge

By electronically marking / acknowledging compliance with the Terms and Conditions, A customer acknowledges and agrees to this confidentiality policy.

We reserve the right to change this confidentiality policy in the course of time as required by the law or for other reasons, of course information will be posted on our website, for which you as a customer have the obligation to periodically check for any changes in the personal data protection policy.