FAQ'S Embawood Georgia
Is any guarantee available for purchased furniture?

A 2-year guarantee service is available for any purchase.

In what cases the guarantee service is applied?

Guarantee service is applied in the following cases:

1. The lack of details from the packaging has been determined or detail is damaged;

2. Manufacturing flaw was revealed during the guarantee period.

In what cases the guarantee service is not applied?

Guarantee service is not available, if:
  1. You do not use the delivery service of the company “Embawood”, as damage of furniture or loss of details, which may occur during independent delivery, will not be reimbursed by the guarantee service.
2. You do not use the furniture assembly service of the company “Embawood” while purchasing of furniture, as furniture assembly requires special professionalism and experience. It is not recommended to assemble, repair furniture, change the accessories independently, or receive services from assemblers who are not qualified by the company; in the mentioned cases the guarantee is not applied.
3. After assembling, carefully check the furniture, as mechanical damages revealed after handing over are not considered as a basis of elimination under the guarantee.
4. After reception and checking of the lighting systems of furniture. The guarantee is not applied to electronic systems.

Is it available to manufacture furniture according to colour, design and size?

The company "Embawood" has a serial production and does not provide individual orders. As an exception, based on a special order, textile can be changed to the soft furniture only. You can select textile from the catalogue of “Embawood”.

When the furniture will be provided after purchasing?

The service period is 2 days. Furniture will be transported on the next day from purchasing and assembled on the third day. The delivery term may be extended due to unforeseen circumstances, about which the operator will inform you.

Price of delivery

The price of delivery is determined according to the location. This service is free on the territory of the city where the branch of “Embawood” is located, but it is payable outside the city. The delivery and assembling fee outside the city is 3 GEL for 1 km.

Where are your products manufactured?

Furniture is manufactured in Georgia.

What materials are used for furniture manufacturing?

The following materials are used for furniture manufacturing:

- Melaminated DSP

-Melaminated MDF


Which bank instalment is available?

Partner banks are TBC Bank, Bank of Georgia, Credo and Crystal banks

Which banks have a 0% instalment?

TBC Bank and Bank of Georgia provide a 0% instalment for 12 months.

What conditions are necessary for instalment?

The details of the instalment are individual. It will be better if you visit our branches and obtain detailed information from the bank employees.